In Digital Strategy, it's mindset and skills:

Because minds
drive economies.

What do you want to achieve?

Choose the approach that suits your situation best.

Disrupt with transformative strategies

Digitalisation is much more than just a technological shift. It keels over all kinds of business models and changes the expectations of everyone you work with. Only with a clear, informed and integrated plan you can adapt and stay relevant.

Grow digital skills and culture

Everything that can be done in software will be done in software. That means: Every company will become a software based company, often much sooner than expected. What will your path be: Build in-house? Rely on the cloud? And then there are your costs and risks: How do you balance them while you build the skills and the culture?

Profit from cutting edge insights

As whole industries get transformed over night, standing on the sidelines is not an option anymore. Insiders from game-changing companies share their experience with you, while comprehensive up-to-date research lets you get first data points to vet necessary adaptions on both sides of your business: Satisfying customers and harnessing talent .

Create gorgeous digital experiences

Customers adapt quickly: Today they expect polished and functional digital experiences. You better adapt, too. It‘s the only way to stay in the game.

Your employees have updated their expectations of an efficient and modern workplace as well. Your efforts here generate return twofold: Not only does a modern work experience make everyone more efficient, it supports powerful employer branding and talent retention, too.

Spark inspiration and motivation

Taylorism was good as long as it lasted. But do you think your company can be run today like our fathers did? In our digital world, inflexible structures directly interfere with motivation, creativity and outcome. Enabling the necessary agency of your employees can be kickstarted with the proper, spot-on impulse. Long term success on the other hand needs fresh thinking in culture, processes and setup.

Unite teams, connect generations

Nearly 60% of companies name the lack of necessary talent as limitation to their ability to operate and grow. At the same time, up to 5 generations share the workplace. They operate on seemingly incompatible needs and upbringings. Bridging that gap is imperative. And while you're at it: Opening up silos and reconnecting teams rejuvenates crucial areas to make you workforce more productive and your customers happy. Your result: A robust bottom line.

Meet your decisive point.

  • Inspiration

    emboldened by keynotes and guided insider discussions

    can give you a quick overview and drive first action. At a low rate of effort and internal disruption, you still profit from stirring up a much needed debate, triggered by an external view of your business and industry.

    Multiply the effect by leveraging those impulses in guided discussions.

  • Insights

    gained by deep research and relentless scrutiny

    give you the factual base to build upon. Understanding rapidly changing customer needs and disruptive industry trends: clearly obvious. But of equal importance: What is going on inside of your organisation? How do your employees think and feel? Which potentials can you activate to stay ahead of the game? 

  • Skills

    built and honed in workshops and trainings

    are the bedrock of successful digitalisation. Today, lack of talent often limits your growth, and up to five generations with wildly diverse needs and backgrounds work together. Thus, life long learning must become reality to stay relevant. 

    Combined with personalities groomed to lead instead of just managing, you'll minimise inefficient toil and maximise your achievements.

  • Strategy

    developed and scrutinised in augmented sessions

    is your key tool for deciding where to focus your resources for maximal effectiveness.

    Future-oriented business impulses are the result: Essential milestones, team building needs, cultural shifts. Coming together in a refreshing environment can reset entrenched perceptions and shift vantage points to enable great outcomes.

  • Unity

    regained and strengthened in retreats and workgroups

    is the core of working efficiently together.

    When organisations splinter into factions, outcome and morale suffer. Reuniting departments becomes mandatory. Candidly negotiating towards mutual goals and agreeing on accountability realigns efforts, lowers pressure and gets everyone to better results.

  • Innovation

    earned by reinventing yourself continuously

    is the only way to prevail in our fast-changing world.

    Establishing continuous innovation and autonomous business units are the highest impact approaches you can choose. Meticulous strategic and operational planning, methodical agility and a healthy no-bullshit-approach are crucial to lead that investment to success.

What clients say:

„ I was especially impressed by how quickly they homed in on what's really the core of the problem and how they enabled us to tackle it by ourselves then."

M. Maier

"How could they understand our company and processes so quickly and then dissolve seemingly impossible deadlocks with imperceptible interventions? I have faith now, again!"

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Why us?

1. You get a partner taking responsibility for outcomes: Our superior approach interlocks strategic consulting and hands-on skills building in a virtuous circle. As both aspects drive each other, a growth mindset and culture of empowerment is the result.

2. You save an incredible amount of trial-and-error: Our carefully curated insights into the most recent industry trends and proven methods help you decide faster and with more confidence. Fine-tuned to your needs, together we transform them into tangible results.

3. You profit directly from our dozens of years of know-how in a wide range of industries and roles: Meticulously kept up to date, transformed into proven approaches. Digital and deep tech, design and higher education, finance and crypto. Product, research, development, consulting, training. Founders, C-level executives, product owners, research heads, inventors, designers.

And: At, we do as we tell: About 30% of our team is in the age bracket around 50. About 70% of our experts are digital natives.


  • Ekkehard


    Strategy and Communication; serial founder, CTO, Enabler

  • Sebastian

    Solutions Architect

    Inventor, Engineer, Programmer (PhD in CS); Concepts and implementation (Hardware/Software)

  • Mirela

    Product Wizard

    Teamleader and Product owner; ICO, Bitcoin, Crypto

  • Chris

    Creative Director

    Creative strategy, cultural design, brand development, event organiser

  • Olga

    Cultural economist

    UX research, service design, design methodology, Data Analysis

    Zehdenicker Str. 21
    10119 Berlin, (Germany)


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